Dell mini 9



  The Dell Mini 9 uses a broadcom wireless device which doesn’t have native support in the standard Moblin V2 distribution.

What you’ll need

Unfortunately, as with most situations like this, you’ll need a wired connection active in order to download the appropriate files.

Please visit the Broadcom site to read the details on the license of this driver

For those of you wanting to just get up and running, then I’ve setup a repository on with the binary and source rpms I’ve created for Moblin.

Download If doing so on Moblin, then the PackageKit GUI will be triggered where you will be prompted for a password to install it. This will enable the repository on your system. From there you can use the PackageKit GUI in the Applications/Settings section (search for wl-kmod) or just via yum on the command line ...

sudo yum install wl-kmod

These steps can be used to create the binary rpm yourself. You need to actually install MoblinV2. These steps won’t work while booting off the live image.

  1. 1)Activate the moblin toolbar and select the applications icon

  2. 2)Choose the Accessories section and select Terminal

  3. 3)Install the various tools you’ll need

    sudo yum install rpmdevtools

  1. 4)Install the compilers and other tools,

    sudo yum groupinstall "Development Tools"

  1. 5)Install the kernel-netbook-devel package.

    sudo yum install kernel-netbook-devel

  1. 6)Now we’re ready to build and install the new broadcom drivers


    (This build will download the broadcom driver archive directly from their site)

    rpmbuild --rebuild --target=i586 wl-kmod-

  1. 7)Install the resulting rpm,

    sudo rpm -ivh ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/i586/wl-kmod-